Here is the new online hub for my cartography, blogging and also to come, photography. You can reach this site either through or, the old and trusty will live on and the new URL are mainly for photography.

To make site administration and cost down I decided to keep it all on a single site, home to both my Greyhawk and Midgard mapping, other commissions and mapping tidbits as well as my photography.

I will try and keep things separate into three sections. Greyhawk, other mapping and finally photography. There will be an overlap of course, especially between Greyhawk cartography and my other mapping projects. Landscapes are one of my favorite things to capture using my cameras and is a great inspiration for my mapping, so there will be some overlap there as well, but much less.

My Patreon members will find content still exclusive to them on this site as well with a section dedicated to member content coming soon. With much more capacity, newer technology it's my ambition to make it a useful site for all my endeavours, and especially Fantasy Cartography.

A huge thank you to all my Patreon Members and all of you who make this possible, I couldn't do it without you!

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