Greyhawk Heraldry

I have all the heraldry from my Flanaess Map, plus a few extra, tucked into one of my Dropbox folders. The collection is 240 strong at the moment!

You can find it here:

2 comments on “Heraldry Folder”

  1. Hey Anna!

    Been using your maps for ages as reference and orientation for my players and myself. I love them!

    I'm running a campaign in the Domain of Greyhawk right now and pondered about the heraldry of Greysmere. Did you create the design by yourself or is it described somewhere and I missed the source?

    Love from Germany,

    1. Thank you Rasmus, I'm so glad you like my maps 🙂

      I didn't design the Greysmere Heraldry, and if I remember correctly it is From the Ashes Boxed set. It was on one of the inserts that came with the setting update. I just refined it a bit and made a vector version.

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