Greyhawk Heraldry

I have all the heraldry from my Flanaess Map, plus a few extra, tucked into one of my Dropbox folders. The collection is 240 strong at the moment!

You can find it here:

8 comments on “Heraldry Folder”

  1. Hey Anna!

    Been using your maps for ages as reference and orientation for my players and myself. I love them!

    I'm running a campaign in the Domain of Greyhawk right now and pondered about the heraldry of Greysmere. Did you create the design by yourself or is it described somewhere and I missed the source?

    Love from Germany,

    1. Thank you Rasmus, I'm so glad you like my maps 🙂

      I didn't design the Greysmere Heraldry, and if I remember correctly it is From the Ashes Boxed set. It was on one of the inserts that came with the setting update. I just refined it a bit and made a vector version.

  2. Awesome work! Did you make them all from scratch, or did you work from scanned images? And did you invent some of the coats of arms of published places/houses (say, Salinmoor)?

    1. Thank you!
      Everything is done from scratch, no scanning involved. I recreated all of them using Adobe Illustrator to make them all in vector format that could be resized as needed. There are some of the heraldry that I invented, Salinmoor is not of my design I think it is from the Living Greyhawk Campaign.

  3. Do you want me to find my old original art for the Nyrond heraldry? The way you outlined assume if the heraldic beasts (Rel Mord's gryffin, I'm looking at you) didn't translate well. The original art is far larger than what you were pulling into Illustrator and outlining.

    And yes, I know you were doing that because I can see the artifacts that were there because I didn't know as much as I do now.

    Let me know if you want me to go find that.

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