Here are links to the Final 2019 Edition. I renamed it to 2019 since it should reflect the year its being published. Created special Bitly short links to make the links easier to use and share.

Easyzoom version:

Easyzoom Hexed Version:

For those of you who want to make your own version of this map here, is the link to my Illustrator file as well:

The Illustrator file is 2GB in size, so I recommend using a download manager when you try to download it.

Here is the list of changes since the 2017 Edition:

Terrain Map Edits:

- Refined Coastlines

- Baklunish West overhaul for variation

- Baklunish coastal areas and islands are now home to forests and way more variety to better match text sources

- River systems added in the horned Lands and Land of Iuz

- Meteor Crater added in the Abbor-Alz

- Rivers added in the Abbor-Alz

- Ocean depths are slightly blurred

- Lots of minor corrections

Added Tal Aska in the Vesve

Added Fairdells area in Highfolk

Greyhawk Heraldry - removed a chain link

Settlements near Tringlee - Harrington, Glodnen, Dariax and Loradden

Brannigan's Farm - Highfolk

Island names near Dyvers

Village of Bracken

New Iuz Heraldry

New Heraldry for the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom

Added the Provences of Greyhawk

Added City of Bureis

Added sea lanes to Bureis

Changed icon for Kongen-Thulnir

Added Gnomiskillin

Added Rigodruok

Changed symbol of the Zagig Bridge

Changed Keaton to Keaford

Changed Ice Giant Caverns to Hold of Grugnur

Added Fort Critwall

Added River Taal

Added Town of Rawlins

Removed Forgotten City

Moved Xuxulieto to the location of Forgotten City

Added Hraak Pass

Added Mt Vroom

Corrected Artonsbruek spelling and placement

Added Hands of Light Heraldry

Added Dunrealta Keep

Added Black Rock Tower

Added Small rivers in Bandit Kingdoms

Added Firewatch Island

Added Minor rivers

Corrected Hellstone Tower label

Added Csipros Erd

Added Ruins of Baklarran

Added a Crater in Abbor-Alz

Added the Great Meridian

Added Sasserine Heraldry

Added Janasib Pennant

Added Ataphad Pennant

Added Bakhoury Coast

Added Heraldry of Bakhoury Coast

Corrected Hardby is a Large City

Corrected placement of Pits of Azak-Zil

Added Star Cairns

Added Salakesh Cove

Added Demonskar Crater

Corrected the missing symbol for Sarndt

Added Far Banks

Added Near Domain local border

Corrected Duchy of Tehn Heraldry color

Added the Town of Synford

Added the Village of Hommel

Added the Village of Flanhome

Added a Small Site near Groucester

Added the Village of Talloc

Added Charging Boar Inn

Adjusted Western border of Bissel

Added Kwalish

Added Daoine Gloine

Corrected Labeled Hardby Mariners herladry

Added Heraldry for the City of Hardby

Quagmire's Lair

License Changed to CC -by -nc -sa

Corrected Knights of the Hart heraldry text

Added Myrhal Heraldry

Correcter the name of Lake Matrevus

Added The Black Tower

Added Rakers Asylum

13 comments on “Flanaess Full Map 2019 Edition”

  1. Thank you for all you do Anna. My son just became a teenager and his friends and him have become very interested in DND and asked me to run a campaign. I haven't played AD&D since 1997 or so.

    Instead of running 5th edition, I'm going to breakout the old 2nd edition content. I think generation Z considers it "retro". Regardless, I'm looking forward to playing again. It's my first try at being a DM!!
    Regardless, you're maps are very inspirational. Is there a way I can donate to your efforts?

  2. Beautiful job. I stumbled upon it accidentally (yaayyy, serendipity). I am not a professional cartographer, but as a retired environmental geologist who routinely produced specialized maps for site evaluations, I have some experience with and appreciation for the art as well as science of the discipline. I also played D&D back in the day using the TSR World of Greyhawk for our campaign. I have enjoyed zooming in and scrolling around your rendering of the Flanaess. Had to do a bit of research to get back up to date (post 585 cy). Anyway, thank you for your comprehensive and excellent work.

  3. How large would I need to print this to be able to see most of the small towns/detail? Is it even feasible/possible? This is one of the most detailed, most complete, most beautiful maps I have seen and I really want a physical copy to hang on my wall in my game room.

    1. Hi Matt!
      In order to see the smallest text it needs to be full size (or very close) which is 116x100 inches. I'm sure there are printers that can handle prints of that size at high quality in one go, but it will be costly. More than $500 and maybe even $1000. Much easier to make it in pieces, the Atlas version I'm working on at the moment is is 11x17 inch pieces. This is something you can print on an inkjet at home and it will cost you some ink and paper, which is much more manageable. A24x36 inch version will come later as well.
      I hope this might help you out.

  4. Any plans on adding the ability to draw a line between two points and have it calculate the distance? I'll be running a campaign soon and I need to know the distance between Saltmarsh and Uskarn.

    1. Good question Mark!
      A distance tool requires the map to be shown in some sort of software with that function, and the image needs to be referenced properly. I'm planning to start using GIS (Geographical Information System) tools like QGIS, this opens up a myriad for new possibilities including measuring tools. Virtual Table Tops like Fantasy Grounds also have this function, but usually only for dungeon or small area maps. Hopefully there will come tools that adds it for large scale overland maps as well.
      To create a tools to properly view and manage setting maps is something I want to do, but that will take years so it is a long term project.

  5. This is amazing and obviously a labor of love. I just learned of this project a few months ago and will try to spread the word!
    Is there a way to purchase this as a full blown map? Say, 3 foot by 5 foot?

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