Time long overdue for a new update. Working hard to get two big commissions out the door for Kobold Press and Griffonlore Games, so the time to spend on Greyhawk is severely limited. You know me, I can't stay away from my favorite setting for long so now and then I'm getting a little bit of work done. Let's get into what I'm working on now.

The Atlas of Flanaess is back, and it's bigger than before. The page size will be 11x17 inch (which is very close to A3), which I think will make the maps better to use and still keep them printable without too much problems. There will be 71 pages of maps laid out as show in the image below.

Work is underway and so far I've done pages 1 to 47, and hopefully I'll have the rest done within a week or two. My Patreon members can download and use the as they are done, and the final Atlas will be available here this summer.

Here is page 30 in JPG version:

Patreon Members at the Adventurer Tier just got hold of my updated Campaign Map with lots of new stuff, that shows the situation leading up to my next campaign set in the former Shield Lands in the winter of 598-599 CY. It includes lots of new stuff in the Empire of UZ and its surrounding lands.

This map and its heraldry will be available to all my Patreon Members this summer, and to all of you here later this year. Here is a teaser in the form of the my take on the heraldry of the Boneheart.

Lendore Isles is still in the pipeline with a terrain ready for texturing. This phase will require a concerted effort that I don't have time for right now, and I also want to have access to some new cool technology in the form of Gaea to bring the Lendores to the next level. Gaea is a tool that have just coming out as v1, with new features being added and bugs fixed on a weekly basis. The features I'm waiting for are coming very soon, so I will let the project rest for a month or so and continue again soon.

As a part of finalizing the Lendore Isles they need to have an accurate placement on Oerth so to get a better grip on the planet as a whole is needed. Here is a first take on my idea on the continental layout of the Oerth.

I'm trying to be inclusive to make sure there are plenty of places to flesh out later that can facilitate a wide variety of environments. This layout is just a first and will definitely need to be adjusted and much more detailed.

To get a better look at how this looks, I uploaded the Equirectangular Map above to the https://www.maptoglobe.com website, and here are a couple of screenshots of the results.

You can take the Equirectangular map above and try it out yourself!

The small group of islands in the image below are the Islands of Estold, my little contribution to the planet.

Detailed maps will be available later this year with some cool details to go along with the map.

My Greyhawk related work will be back on track again this fall, I have planned to work exclusively on it after I get back from Gen Con in August so my Patreon Members can expect a number of cool things this fall, and with a bit of luck there will be a bit of a glut of stuff for everyone this holiday season..

Finally it's time to thank all my awesome Patreon members, all 200 of them. Without their help and support very little of this would be possible, thank you so much!

If you want to help me create more Greyhawk stuff please consider joining my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/annabmeyer

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  1. You realize that the 'flat-Oerthers' will be coming after you because of those global projections. Don't worry. We have assigned an ancient Gold(rumman) Tigercat to keep them at bay along with an elite corp of Judi ninjas from the Scarlet O'Hara Sisterhood for your personal security. May the MassAcceleration be with you.

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