Time long overdue for a new update. Working hard to get two big commissions out the door for Kobold Press and Griffonlore Games, so the time to spend on Greyhawk is severely limited. You know me, I can't stay away from my favorite setting for long so now and then I'm getting a little bit of work done. Let's get into what I'm working on now.

The Atlas of Flanaess is back, and it's bigger than before. The page size will be 11x17 inch (which is very close to A3), which I think will make the maps better to use and still keep them printable without too much problems. There will be 71 pages of maps laid out as show in the image below.

Work is underway and so far I've done pages 1 to 47, and hopefully I'll have the rest done within a week or two. My Patreon members can download and use the as they are done, and the final Atlas will be available here this summer.

Here is page 30 in JPG version:

Patreon Members at the Adventurer Tier just got hold of my updated Campaign Map with lots of new stuff, that shows the situation leading up to my next campaign set in the former Shield Lands in the winter of 598-599 CY. It includes lots of new stuff in the Empire of UZ and its surrounding lands.

This map and its heraldry will be available to all my Patreon Members this summer, and to all of you here later this year. Here is a teaser in the form of the my take on the heraldry of the Boneheart.

Lendore Isles is still in the pipeline with a terrain ready for texturing. This phase will require a concerted effort that I don't have time for right now, and I also want to have access to some new cool technology in the form of Gaea to bring the Lendores to the next level. Gaea is a tool that have just coming out as v1, with new features being added and bugs fixed on a weekly basis. The features I'm waiting for are coming very soon, so I will let the project rest for a month or so and continue again soon.

As a part of finalizing the Lendore Isles they need to have an accurate placement on Oerth so to get a better grip on the planet as a whole is needed. Here is a first take on my idea on the continental layout of the Oerth.

I'm trying to be inclusive to make sure there are plenty of places to flesh out later that can facilitate a wide variety of environments. This layout is just a first and will definitely need to be adjusted and much more detailed.

To get a better look at how this looks, I uploaded the Equirectangular Map above to the https://www.maptoglobe.com website, and here are a couple of screenshots of the results.

You can take the Equirectangular map above and try it out yourself!

The small group of islands in the image below are the Islands of Estold, my little contribution to the planet.

Detailed maps will be available later this year with some cool details to go along with the map.

My Greyhawk related work will be back on track again this fall, I have planned to work exclusively on it after I get back from Gen Con in August so my Patreon Members can expect a number of cool things this fall, and with a bit of luck there will be a bit of a glut of stuff for everyone this holiday season..

Finally it's time to thank all my awesome Patreon members, all 200 of them. Without their help and support very little of this would be possible, thank you so much!

If you want to help me create more Greyhawk stuff please consider joining my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/annabmeyer

5 comments on “What I'm up to...”

  1. You realize that the 'flat-Oerthers' will be coming after you because of those global projections. Don't worry. We have assigned an ancient Gold(rumman) Tigercat to keep them at bay along with an elite corp of Judi ninjas from the Scarlet O'Hara Sisterhood for your personal security. May the MassAcceleration be with you.

  2. I have some observations coming from the insight I gleaned when producing a world map for my own campaign that was consistent with original TSR canon, that you might find helpful:

    1. Your equator is significantly above where it is accurately shown to be at page 18 of the Glossography for the Original TSR Box Set, where a map displays a portion of the original Mercator Projection for Oerth, with all the relevant meridians. If you know the equator follows a certain portion of the coastline of Zindia, northwest of Nippon, and another the north coast of the Nyr Dyv, its easy to spot at a glance if world maps have been correctly centred according to the meridians or have become distorted in some way.

    2. Your location for Fireland is significantly out of kilter with where Fireland was accurately shown to be on the original partial Mercator Projection of Oerth in Dragon Annual 1. Your map incorrectly locates it where one would expect to find the northern extremities of the continent of Aquaria rather than where it should appear, slightly northwest of the northwest coast of Western Oerik, as shown in this link: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-cajj-9zro80/WUmjYBd_SQI/AAAAAAAARLo/rG0n8m8aAqsuduTB8qXFIeEGegS_35zUwCLcBGAs/s1600/tsroerth.gif

    3. If you super-impose the meridians of the Box Set Map onto the Annual Map, you can then plot the North/South width extremities for the Annual Map, then double that measurement to get the correct East/West length measurement of the Annual Map, to find out exactly how much of the globe is missing on that map between the western and eastern coastlines of 'Gonduria'. This missing portion equates to the zone where Aquaria lies and must largely fill in order to be properly classified as a continent, by surface area.

    4. I understand when it comes to Aquaria's shape, size and location there is a significant measure of artistic licence since there is no publicly available map showing the full extremities and precise location of that continent. For Aquaria to be properly called a continent, it would have to be significantly bigger than the large islands of Fireland and Hepmonaland and would have to be at least proximate in size to the two continents of Hyperborea and 'Gonduria'. As far as shape goes, applying continental drift theory, I would suggest one would need to look at the eastern and western coasts of the super-continent of Oerik and surmise what land masses were left behind when those coasts were pulled asunder, leaving Aquaria and Gonduria to stand where they lie, before the super continent of Oerik was formed. It is apparent from size and shape that the fan map you took your Aquaria from overlooks these key considerations of world building. I think the maker of that fan map produced it to show accurately in what latitude one might find the heart of the continent of Aquaria and made clear he hadn't given any careful thought to size and shape. There is a map of a very small section of Aquaria's coastline and interior lying directly opposite the Flanaess, shown here:

    5. All of the WotC-era maps produced post Dragon Annual 1 are not consistent with the earlier two maps because the makers were ignorant of Aquaria's existence as a continent or sought to deliberately exclude it from the world map as a continent replacing it with Hepmonaland/Fireland, were ignorant of the correct dimensions of DA1 or had personal preference issues with the composition of DA1 and started shifting stuff around despite this conflicting with earlier canon. It is best to ignore anything post DA1 otherwise you will find yourself trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Your relocation of Fireland is an example of one of the obvious errors made in post-DA1/WotC-Era Maps.

    As always, I find your work interesting. Happy world-building!

    1. Thank you for this great (and long ;)) comment, and sorry for my very late reply!

      1. This point you're right, my first test layout was off about 5 degrees.

      2. Fireland seems to be way too far east on that map to have any significant connections to the Flanaess, which might very well be the case. But I want to keep the options open a bit more so I kept it more towards the middle of the Solnor (east west wise). I'm also careful not to draw too exact conclusions from maps like this, treat them more like medieval maps that are far (or very far) from accurate geographically. They are also often made to fit a special format, like a page in a book rather than being correct and detailed. They are often stylized which also means compromising accuracy.

      3. Gonduria, Aquaria, Antaria and the Southern Continent (whatever names you use) and anything besides Oerik and Fireland are still very unexplored territory for me. So my goal for the moment is to try and establish where Flanaess and its immediate surroundings are located on the planet, and also make sure there are enough room for all the test to be placed later on. Get Flanaess right and try to not paint myself into any corners!

      4. Here I'm just playing with others already artistic ideas of size and placement. My aim is also to be inclusive rather than dogmatic, try to make room for more of adventure locations that have been proposed and a few extras sprinkled in to add variety.

      5. Trying to fit square pegs into round holes where basically my starting point for this project! It will require a bit of an open mind, creativity and tedious work but I think it is possible to create an appealing planet model that have enough of bits and pieces to make Greyhawk gamers feel at home and intrigued to adventure further.

  3. Anna,

    I have some placement ideas that I'd like to shoot you in case you like them. How can I e-mail you graphic files?



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