The next version of the Flanaess map is ready, the 11x17 inch 598 CY atlas is now available for my Patreon members. It will be available for download here end of June!

It comes in both JPG and PDF format. The JPG version comes in 77 images including covers and symbols, this version also include 0.25 inch overprint. Below is an example of Map 30 covering the area around the City of Greyhawk.

PDF's comes in both individual pages and as a complete set of 77 pages. The individual pages doesn't include the overprint to make them print better on normal printers.

The complete set PDF comes in two versions, a full quality version with overprint that is 2.63GB for maximum quality printing on all types of printers, and a reduced quality version for tablet use that is 52MB in size.

6 comments on “Atlas of The Flanaess 598 CY is coming!”

  1. Hi Anna, are you still on track for end of June? So looking forward to seeing these maps!

  2. I completely understand your love for maps (we may be descended from Bilbo). I want to print this as a coffee table hard cover, it is so beautiful. Have you done the same? I'm certain that gamer friends would consider such a book a treasured tome.

    1. Thank you Matthew!

      I seldom use printed versions of my maps. Things get added or changed at almost every game session so to print them is not a good alternative for me, I prefer to use them digitally.
      But I totally agree that a coffee table Atlas of the Flanaess would be a treasure to have 🙂

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