My mapping of the World of Greyhawk started with small maps made to fit on a piece of paper. The Flanaess was divided up into 91 parts, looking like this.

The 2019 version of the Atlas has a page size of 11x17 inches and uses the updated map style.

The larger format makes it possible to cover the Flanaess using 71 pages.

The Atlas comes in JPG and PDF format ready to print in 11x17 inch format, and front and rear cover is also included.
You can download it here:

11 comments on “Atlas of the Flanaess 598 CY”

  1. Anna,

    I'm and old school 1st Ed AD&D gamer from back in the day, that is ramping up a 1st Ed AD&D campaign with slightly modified rules in the world of Greyhawk, starting out in a little town south of Verbobone! 😉 Many thanks for this amazing labor of love that you have made available here for us to use at no cost... I'm blown away! Many thanks!!


  2. I have been enjoying the on-line Flanaess map for some time now. On the Chrome based laptop that I use for the internet (14 inch diagonal, 1366 x 768 pixel display), at full zoom based the 0-50-100 mile scale bar it works out to 1 inch = approx. 21-1/2 miles. Nice, but my geologist background craves better precision. Does your software allow more fine grained measurements in system? For example, I estimate that the distance from Highfolk town to Flameflower is about 200 miles as the giant eagle flies and about 350 miles by way of the twisting road and pathway on your excellent map. This would probably be fine to a Greyhawk milieu character on foot, but modern me still craves precision. If not too much trouble, more exacting in system measurements would be greatly appreciated. I have been dabbling in creating a beginning campaign set in and around the Vesve Forest.

    1. I hear you Stephen, and I crave it too!
      The current Flanaess map is made using twenty year old technology and meant that I had to cut a lot of corners, so no more precision to squeeze out of the current map I'm afraid. More detail is why I have started mapping the Flanaess all over again in much more detail. 100 ft per pixel is what I'm aiming for this time! First out is the Lendore Isles this fall and then Ratik next year.

  3. Thank you for your reply. Wow! For 20 year old tech, the Flanaess map is amazing. The artist takes the media with it's limitations and surpasses them to create greatness.

    p.s. If your character should ever decide to visit Quaalsten, I'm sure the Lady Marshall Rowena of the Silverbrow would be delighted to have the skills of a 17th level ranger assist her hard pressed forces.

  4. Amazing work. Your depiction of Greyhawk portrays your genuine interest, I would even say legitimate stewardship, of the Flanaess. Your work instantly transports our group back to the early days of our hobby. We are older now, educated, professionals, and military veterans etc...but we find that fun spark again when we pull up the big map on gaming night. Your work brings a rock solid verisimilitude that corporate design teams cannot seem to completely capture. So much fun. Well done Anna.

  5. This is exceptional work. Congratulations for your time and effort. I wonder if you have located the crashed ship from S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks?

    1. Thank you Chris, I'm so glad you like my maps! 🙂

      The caves of the Unoerthly Caves are actually the remains of the crashed space ship from S3. The inhabitants of the Flanaess doesn't know it comes from space I guess, so they call it unoerthly I guess 😉

  6. We use your maps all the time, thank you. Is there a way to make the online map with hex grids or the like to help understand the scales/distances. It seems like the old map had that.

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