Back home again from Indy with another Gen Con under my belt. This year I got to present my work in a two hour seminar in front of over 60 people, a rare and wonderful treat for someone who spend most of the time working alone. This is the first in a series of blog posts where I will show the slides from the presentation and cover some of the discussion.

In my seminar I covered several different topics. First a resume (and some bragging) of the work I've done so far, with examples, anecdotes and some pitfalls along the way. This journey started with my Flanaess map over 20 years ago.

This project have transformed my life in many ways and given me a new career in fantasy cartography, which would never have been possible without all the wonderful and heartwarming support you have given me over the years, thank you so much!

An emphasis on Creative Commons, the WotC Fan Creation Rules and its implications is very important so I devoted around 1 minutes to talk about it.

The I presented my Greyhawk mapping projects and the results so far

The maps shown above are all content you can find here on this website. You can share, alter and adapt all my content released under the Creative Commons -BY -NC -SA, without asking me for permission, as long as its is for non-commercial purposes and you also use the same CC license.

During my seminar I also talked a little bit about the commission mapping I've done for Kobold Press and others. Here are the samples I showed:

The first map I did for Kobold Press was the Southlands, and here is a sneak peak at the updated version and an overview of the Midgard Setting (as far as I've mapped it).

As a part of the Southlands project I also did my first, and to date only published city map, Per Bastet.

After Southlands I did the new Midgard map for the setting revision.

Political version of Midgard

Did a series of encounter maps for Zombie Sky Press a few years ago, a first for me.

A grayscale version of the map I did for Hans Cummings.

A wintery map I did for Alex Kammer.

A quick map I did for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

and my latest map commission, The Fallen Barony of Wailmoor for Griffonlore Games.

More in part 2!

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