Some of you who tries to download my maps are running into issues, so here comes a few tips and explanations of why you get errors.

I use Dropbox for most of my bigger downloads, this is so I provide huge files to a larger audience without having to pay a lot of money for website bandwidth. Using Drobox the cost is included in the cost of cloudspace and something I'm already using for backup. Bitly is handy to keep the links shorter and easier to manage, but the links are to the files in Dropbox.

When you click on the link of a JPG map version you will end up on a page looking like this:

It says that something went wrong, and the reason for the error is that the JPG file is way too big to be previewed in the browser, not that it can't be downloaded.

What you need to do it to click on the download button in the middle and choose Direct Download (or Save to my Dropbox if you have a Dropbox with enough free space) and the download should begin.

For PDF files the problem and the solution is the same, but the page looks a little bit different.

With PDF files you have to use the white download button top right instead, but the alternatives are the same.

Hopefully this help, and you can download the files. Sometimes the download stalls and never finish. In this case I recommend using a download manager. Which one depends on your OS and browser so do a search and pick one that works for your setup.

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