Here comes the full "Saltmarsh Edition" with a bit more additions and changes. List of changes below:

Added Black Tower to Theocracy of the Pale
Revised the Saltmarsh area to better match the Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Corrected spelling of Prophet of the Hool
Added Wild Coast settlement Heraldry, from the GH 1983 Boxed Set Cover Image.
Added Atimira to County of Ulek, from Jay Scott's Knights of Ulek Campaign.
Added the Hidden Temple of Erythnul, from Vortext Issue #8

As usual it comes in various forms:

JPG (158MB)

JPG Hexed (248MB)

PDF (361MB)


Easyzoom Hexed

Illustrator - AI (2.1GB)

Photoshop Layered PSB (7.43GB)

Terrain Only JPG (182MB)

Terrain Only Hexed (312MB)

11 comments on “Flanaess 598 CY - 2019 Revision 1”

  1. so much. Playing the Saltmarsh campaign with my young adult & teenage children. I haven't explored Flanaess since I was a teen over 30 years ago. Your maps are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your work is unsurpassed, as it has been for years now. Thank you yet again for your impeccable quality, and generosity in sharing! My young gaming group has used your maps their entire gaming career, for them, your maps are the only true maps of the Flanaess!

    1. Great question Marcus!

      My own campaign is now set in the winter of 598CY-599CY, and my Flanaess mapping followed my own campaign with the public map being set in 598CY. It seems that you an me are a minority, the most frequently asked question was always "why don't you have a 576CY map?", so I decided to make a 576CY version of the map, and it's been way more popular. So it seems that most Greyhawk fans didn't adopt the wars and the LG content.

      My own campaign version of the map is coming in october, and maybe I have time for an update of the 598CY map as well. No promises but I'll look into it.

  3. New question: I downloaded the .ai version of this map (thank you for making it available!) but I noticed that I received an error opening it in PaintShopPro, which indicated that it was not saved from Illustrator with the default settings of PDF objects on. I was curious if there was a specific reason that you preferred to have that setting turned off?

    1. PDF compatibility caused crashes when I saved it in Illustrator, probably due to the immense complexity of the file. I haven't tested it in the latest version of Illustrator, will do that and see if it works in the latest version.

  4. I have to congratulate you for this immense and wonderful work! My players and I thank you a lot, our campaign wouldn't be the same without all your details!

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