Here comes the first Handout Map with the latest map edition including the revised Saltmarsh. I tweaked it a little bit more this time trying to make it be a good in game prop.

You can get it here:

There are also two terrain only maps (hexed and no hexes) to go along with this map that you can get here:

2 comments on “Flanaess 598 CY - 2019 REV1 - Handout Map 1”

  1. I really like how you do large scale maps but at a zoomed in level you see so much detail. Your Midgard map for instance, as well as this one. I am attempting to do something similar but I am having problems finding a good font that doesn't look like an eyesore while zoomed out yet looks nice and clear while zoomed in. Any advice?

    1. Posting my Facebook reply here as well. Fonts and symbols are tricky and takes time and effort to get right. I start by looking at other products for the setting, then trying multiple fonts side by side to slowly work what looks best.
      Then you have to get the styling right, color, outline glow and other features, the possibility is endless.
      My Midgard maps have gone through 5 iterations of labeling standards, from the first Southlands map, to the latest Midgard - Southland combined map.

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