My latest Greyhawk map updates include a lots of new and updated heraldry, and now I have added them to the heraldry folder. You can find it here: .

285 shields all in all and 18 new ones plus another 10 or so being touched up to look a bit better. The majority of the new ones are related to the Great Kingdom and its provinces. Below are a sample of new and updated Aerdy heraldry.

Most of the new ones are of my own design, except the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom who are designed by Bryan Blumklotz.

Among the new are also the city of Free Borough located as an enklave in the middle of Furyondy. This is my design and its based on some thinking around the history of the area paired with some ideas of mine.

I assumes that Free Burough was originally an outpost on the plains in what was then a newly conquered part of the expanding Great Kingdom. This explains the blue background color showing the original allegiance of the city. The outpost then became a town in the Province of Ferrond, this added the crown symbol in the style of the viceroyalty, situated in Dyvers.

The white center gate and towers are the often used aerdian symbol of a city or other large stronghold. The white was probably chosen both to make it stand out against the blue and to indicate novelty (and purity). The bottom gold circles are another often used aerdy symbol indicating trade and wealth.

This is a good example of how I go about designing heraldry for my Greyhawk campaign. Look at existing symbols, history and try and make something that will both fit in and stand out. Some heraldry like Free Borough are made to fit in, others might be to brag and stand out and be different.

Some shields are a mixture of tradition and fear signaling, like Duke Szeffrins shield also my own design.

A simple shield using the aerdy start and blue color to signal the Great Kingdom allegiance, crenelation and black showing war focus and a simple ruthlessness. Nothing over the top, the Duke is sure his presence is frightening enough anyway. The design is also easy to use to use as a warning burned into victims, painted onto a city wall etc.

6 comments on “New and updated heraldry!”

  1. Great stuff. I love heraldry. I have a cavalier that comes from Rel Astra so may need to incorporate some of that blazoning into his coat of arms.

  2. Anna,

    Your heraldry work and maps are both outstanding. Thank you for sharing with the Greyhawk fanbase and anyone interested in excellent cartography and/or outstanding heraldry.

    It's been great getting to know more about the work and love of all things Greyhawk both here on your site and when I am able to tune into Lord Gosumba's shows.

    Happy gaming!

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