It has been a long time in the making and so many of you have kept asking me for it, and rightly so since it is the essential Greyhawk - 576 CY when it all began!

My plan was for this project to be a few weeks to manybe a months or two. It took me a year! When I went back and read the old sources, this time almost two decades later I started to realize how much I had missed the first time. This is a major redesign of my first version of the Flanaess map so many of you have used for years now. The first step of the overhaul was a re-edited terrain that came out over a year ago. That has been adjusted yet again in numerous locations to better fit the situation in 576 CY.

Going back to the beginning have been a long journey, and among the first things to desice was what to include, only the features mentioned in the original folio, 1983 boxed set and the first wave of modules? From the Ashes and the Sargent era? Or god forbid the Paizo and even Living Greyhawk? My decision is to be inclusive and assume that things that was added in later products where there even back in 576 CY - when it makes sense.

This map is the result of me trying to stay true to the situation in the folio and boxed set, but with all the richness provided by decades of products and fan created content added and adjusted to fit in with the current political status. This edition also have more of my own content added in the form of heraldry.

JPG version (118MB):

JPG version with 12 mile hexes (189MB):

JPG version with 30 mile hexes (133MB):

PDF version (306MB):

If you have problems downloading the maps, here are some tips around the pitfalls of Dropbox and browsers:

This map is released under Creative Commons 4.0 -BY -NC -SA license.

A enormous THANK YOU to all my Patreon members and other who have helped me to make it possible to spend many hundred of hours on this project!

14 comments on “Flanaess 576 CY - 2020 Edition”

  1. Hello Anna,

    I wanted to compliment you on the great work on the 576CY map. I am decades away from playing my last D&D game but have recently been inspired and temporarily layed up with a Ski injury. I plan to run and expand a game with family from 5E Ghosts of Salt Marsh. I was wanting to eventually expand into world of Greyhawk and stumbled upon your map through Greyhawkery... awesome commitment on your part. I have a few questions maybe you could answer.
    1)Your map immersion is full of towns, cities, keeps, lairs ect. Is there a background I should be using for each of these locations, and where would that info be available?
    2) Would the 576Cy map be the correct time period around Ghost of Saltmarsh?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you Tim, I'm so glad you find my maps useful!

      1. The cities, towns and all the other places and features are from all the different sourcebooks, adventures, other models, and even high quality fan created content. You can find a lot of information in these products:

    3. . They are for older editions of D&D but can be adopted to 5E with a bit of work. I can recommend

    5. and

    7. These two setting products will get you a great overview and lots of details, a perfect start for an adventuring career in Greyhawk.

      2. Yes, the Ghost of Saltmarsh is set in the 576 CY era.

      Good luck with you adventures!

  2. Taking a 1st look at your 576 CY map. Thank you so much for making this available!!! It is incredibly useful!

    I'm pretty sure the Free Assembly of the Kron Hills didn't exist in 576. Wasn't that area still part of the Viscounty under Wilfrick at the time?

    I thought Cienega Valley was a player-created town during the later Living Greyhawk era?

    Again, Thank you!

    1. Thank you PupickDad, I'm so glad you like it!

      I think you're right about the Free Assembly being part of the Viscounty in 576 CY. I'll add that to the list of things to look into for the next update. When it comes to Living Greyhawk content (and similar later content) my policy is to include them if if they can be assumed to have existed at at the earlier period, like cities and most towns. I want to have an inclusive approach and have a more feature rich map.

  3. We did indeed create Cienega Valley. I was the Druid that ran the grove in it from Living Greyhawk. Cardic Walker Arch Hierophant Druid of Cienega Valley. 2005 is when he became the caretaker of the grove there. 576 CY according to my log sheet. Great job on the map!

  4. Anna, this is amazing! Is there a way to support your work? I’m sure copyright doesn’t allow for the sale of print copies, but oh, how I wish it did!

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