I hope you are all safe and in good mood, and have chance to do some extra gaming. I'm trying to get as much as possible done before Virtual Gary Con kicks off in a few days. First order of the day is to get this one out of the door - The Rivers of the Flanaess Map, and this is good enough (I hope!) to be labeled as a Release Candidate.
You can get it here:


It is an non-hexed JPG version but I have both a 12- and an 30 mile hexed versions as well as layered PDF.

One comment on “Rivers of the Flanaess - RC1”

  1. Anna B Meyer,

    Thanks for all your maps.
    This one is great. I thought the preview of the rivers
    maps was great, but this is even better. You even put
    in the river directions and the waterfalls! With all
    the detail, one could extrapolate the watersheds fairly
    easily. I love the detail on all your maps.
    Thank you so much!


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