I hope that you are all well and staying safe in these difficult times. Being a nerdy recluse even in normal times is an asset in times like this, and thank to my fantastic patreon members I have the privilege to keep working on my maps, and with less hiking and other things available I'm working on Greyhawk related projects even more than usual, thank you all again so much!

My main project right now is the 576 CY Atlas, that is starting to take shape. My patreon members are advising me on how the layout and pages should look like and here are an example:

This edition will be for a 11x17 inch landscape layout and the page count will probably be around 80 all in all including legend, various overview maps and about 65 map pages covering the Flanaess.

Each page will be published as it's being done, with the first ones coming in a week or so, and they will trickle out as quickly as I can make them and when I have the workflow up and running I can probably create one in a day or so.

During the grip of pandemics I have decided to make all my content public right away, so those who cannot afford to send me money don't have to miss out on things. I need the income from patron more than ever, but these are tough times and I want to do what little I can to help out. When this is over it is time to restructure my my Patreon, now I'm so glad for whatever you can help out with, and I'll post everything in publicly available on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/annabmeyer and here as well.

Now onto my project to move my Greyhawk mapping over to the world of GIS, and one of the first steps of that is to create a base elevation map of the Flanaess. This is not something that will have much direct use, but it is a necessary step in order to create more detailed maps.

I have to point out that this is not a finished map by any means, and even when the base elevation is done, it is only a real use will be as a base for more detailed mapping that can then be used for some really cool stuff!

Below is the same area s above but with the Flanaess map texture fully applied.

The resolution for these base maps will be 1 pixel per mile, and the elevation will go from sea level to 33 000 feet (10 km). This way I can create the slowly rising terrain that makes up the continental base, with slopes that cover hundreds of miles. The idea is to usea part of this map at a time, increase the resolution and use it as a base for more detailed terrain and texture work, creating all the small hills valleys, rivers, lakes terraces and more that makes up the terrain of Greyhawk.

Here is a more close up look at the Rift Canyon.

And White Plume Mountain and The Great Effluvial Swamp.

Again stis is very much a work in progress, so there are still river valleys to create and adjust, and the areas in the background of this image I haven't even started on yet. This work will be useful for both detailed area maps and planetary maps, and Oerth continental layout is the next project to take a first peak at!

I've been sketching out what the continents of Oerth can look like for a long time. I'm not alone in this endeavour, many very esteemed Greyhawk fans have done this before me and it is a topic that requires extra care that I'm very well aware of. Above is a first rough continental outline that I created from the idea of trying to be "inclusive" and create a "best of" version of all the previous maps I've seen including elements from most of them.

It has a large Oerik continent that has the "cow hide" shape from the earlier maps, but I've tried to break it up add details to it. Fireland, a southern continent is here as well as a continent in the middle of the Solnor ocean that could be Frank Mentzers Empyrea, based on some of the earlier maps I've seen.

Below is what that continental layout looks like on a globe seen from a space above central Flanaess. The orange areas are major mountain ranges.

It gives good view of the Flanaess surroundings that we haven't seen before on earlier maps, especially around the polar region in the north.

Below is a look at Oerth from the north pole.

and a look at the south centered of the great southern continent.

Again this is just a first sketch that will need to be discussed and refined, but hopefully something that a majority of Greyhawk gamers can find useful can come out of this. My goal is only to create a terrain model, the rest like political situation, place names etc I don't want to include. The data is too vague and contentious to deal with to make that a useful pursuit, so my ultimate goal is to provide a "canvas" for anyone to fill with whatever they want to do. The areas we are talking about are enormous, so there will be room enough for almost everything, with room to spare!

This is what I'm working on at the moment, and please stay safe and happy gaming to you all!

One comment on “Map HQ update!”

  1. I see the route you are going. Thanks for posting as it addresses one of the questions I had submitted. If you consider the poles as continents instead of ice, then you'll have more than four continents. When I take Gary's comments about placement of the continents and apply them to a draft I have of Oerth, I'm not crazy about the result.

    He said at one point:
    Francois had a map of a continent and some islands to the east, and they were going to be added. The "Orient" was actually to be past them, closer to the West Coast of Oerik...
    So that seems to make Aquaria the Oerth version of the "Orient" but the Aquaria-based modules don't seem "oriental." But then in the same post Gary say, "so what I planned to so[clarification needed] was incorporate Francois' and Len's maps with Oerik, complete the lower continent below it, and have a real globe." At first glance, I thought he meant attach the Black Moon Chronicles map onto Oerik, but now I think he means stick it on Oerth as a separate continent.

    I know Gary started with Greyhawk set in a version of North America, but I think he changed it for publication for AD&D to an analogue of Europe. The position of the City of Greyhawk seems to move to a position consistent with Constantinople on an east-west flipped map of Earth more than a city near Lake Superior. In "The Dragon" #1 from June 1976, Gary references continent analogues for Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Gary's company in 1987 came out with a fantasy version of Africa. Maybe this information influences you as it does my vision for Oerth. Cheers!

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