Here comes a first update to the 576 CY map, with a number of updates! Here is the list of changes:

Yellowreach - added - from White Plume Mountain

The Grey Run river - Added - from the Gord Books

Dun Mounds - added - from casl Entertainment and Lord Gosumba

Perrenland NE - province removed and border adjustments

Avon Fyn and Olve Water rivers - corrected

Town of Marich replaces Sterich Road and Javan Ferry

Moved the border south of Camp Adalorn. Kron Hills belonged to Verbobonc at the time - corrected

Ruined City of Fleeth - added

Border between Greyhawk and the Duchy of Urnst was moved east in an agreement between the two states signed in 584CY (From the Ashes Campaign Book p7)

Hindewode changed to Quaalwood

Pascorel is upgraded to town

Fenrill town symbol symbol added

Rivers added:
The Grey Run (not labeled) from the Cron Hills to Greyhawk

Several rivers originating in the Barrier Peaks flowing through Ull to better drain the Barrier Peaks

You can get the map here:

One comment on “Flanaess 576 CY - 2020 Edition Revision 1”

  1. awesome! been using the original greyhawk with annotations for decades. any chance you could make a jpg map available that includes everything but political boundaries?

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