The Atlas of the Flanaess 576 CY is coming, the first eight maps are already available here

The Atlas covers the Flanaess in 50 maps each spanning over a 11 x 17 inch 2-page spread, and comes in both PDF and JPG versions. The PDFvcovers each page and comes in both variant with bleed and one without. The JPG version is the the whole 2-page map spread in one image, perfect for use on a tablet or computer.

The maps are laid out to try and have most of realms of the Flanaess reasonably centered on at least one of the maps, making them more usable during adventures.

Each map includes a mini-map for show its location, scale and an alphanumeric grid to help locate places. There will be a master index with map and grid reference for everything on the maps. The borders have labels to show which country border areas belong to, and the heraldry of the countries on the map.

There will be several appendix, one with all the heraldry I have for the whole Flanaess, a set of political maps and as much other things I have time to add this summer. The plan is that it should be ready for Virtual Greyhawk Con in september.

The Atlas will be available map by map as I make them, at the moment there are eight maps ready for you to download, but more are coming each week!

6 comments on “Atlas of the Flanaess is in the making...”

    1. It is way too early for me to know when such an project can be ready. I'm in the phase of figuring out how to best go about such an enormous undertaking. It will be done in bits and pieces over many years, but the dawn of the possibility of a detailed atlas of a fantasy world is here...

  1. So close, I need # 38 for our Hold of the Sea Princes campaign!

    Thank you for all of this Anna B. Meyer. I've been staring at Greyhawk maps since about '89.


  2. Hi Anna. I noticed the coastline on your map from the Bright Desert to Nessermouth is significantly different to that on the original Darlene Map and that in the later D&D 3E Era.

    Sennerae seems to have been relocated towards the east and Darkshelf appears on a N/S angled coastline, as a consequence. The module Darkshelf is in suggests its on more of an E/W angled coastline [Pelyra River said to be west of the port not north].

    I picked up on this because I locate Zarak near here, call it Shadows in Common, and use it as my sandbox.

    Is there a reason for the significant differences in coastline that I'm not aware of?

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