An updated version of the 576 CY Flanaess map is now available, it is the second revision of the 2020 version and the one that the 576 CY Atlas is based on.

Here is a list of the changes:

Changed the internal borders of the Duchy of Urnst to provincial.
Blackfriar Manor  changed to Blackfair Manor
Shield Reclaimed added From Bastion of Faith
Removed misplaced Jewel River text label
Changed Fleichshriver to Freehold
Tweaked the roads of Freehold

You can find it in JPG versions with and without hexes in the Flanaess 576 CY Dropbox Folder.

You can also find the maps on EasyZoom:

12 Mile hexed version:

30 Mile hexed version:

3 comments on “Flanaess 576 CY 2020 - REV2 update”

  1. Hello!
    Just wanted to say I love the map. I've been using it here and there as a great reference. I'm curious if you've ever heard of the Isle of Dread and it's relation to Greyhawk. My friends ran The Savage Tide supplementary campaign that was printed in Dragon Magazine before it stopped printing. It was a great story and it lead to much more exploration in Greyhawk. I know you've been working on this map consistently for years, would it be possible add the Isle of Dread to the map, eventually? It lays ~900 miles South off the coast of Axuxal. I'm not even sure it's an actual canon location, in present day D&D.

    1. Thank you Nathan! 🙂

      Isle of Dread will be added in the 2021 version of the Atlas coming out this fall!

  2. Thank you!!!
    My old-school group of friends love the Isle of Dread (1980s Expert, blue box edition) and are currently playing the Savage Tide A.P.
    The 3.5e Isle of Dread is where the players are going next!

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