I've made some minor changes to my website today. Under the Greyhawk menu you will now find three different pages: "Greyhawk Blog", "Greyhawk Content" and "Flanaess Online Map".

The page you land on when you go to annabmeyer.cm or ghmaps.net is a page with a list of all my blog posts including my Greyhawk relate blog posts. The Greyhawk Blog page only has the Greyhawk related blog posts for easier reference.

To make it even easier to find the links to Greyhawk related content I've made a new page with a list of links to maps, heraldry and more. So if yo want to find links to the latest stuff this is the place to look.

The Flanaess Online map has an embedded EasyZoom version of the Flanaess 576 CY map. EasyZoom is a service where you can upload large images for easy viewing and annotation in your browser. You can create a free EasyZoom account, upload one of my maps, enable annotations and then use it for your own games.

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