All the maps, legend and index are ready and you can get them here:

I have two appendices in the works as well, and they are not ready yet. First out is the Heraldry of the Flanaess and then Module Locations, and my plan is to have them ready in November.

A huge thank you to Duane Costa for all the great work on the index!

7 comments on “Atlas of the Flanaess 576 CY, ready!”

  1. Maps are great! Looking forward to using them in my home game. Been a gamer from way back but always went with FR. The detail you put into this has definatly helped bring me onto the Greyhawk platform. Thanks! Is this really free!?

    1. Thank you Lex, I'm so glad you like my work!

      Yes, this is free!! Thanks to a bunch of awesome people supporting me on Patreon I can spend a good amount time working on Greyhawk maps every week and then share it with the whole Greyhawk community for free. I use the money to pay for my computers, tools, website and other costs as well as paying some bills which keeps me going. With comments like yours it makes it even more fun!

  2. Wow, incredible! Thanks for all your hard work. I'll make sure to use your maps in my game.

  3. Absolutely amazing work, detail and passion. Thank you to everyone involved for making this and allowing us to use it.

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