Flanaess & Hepmonaland 598CY - 2022 Edition: Preview 1

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Campaign Heraldry: Some more bad guys...


Time to give the villains some love with new heraldry. Here comes a few that I have developed for my campaign, so lets go through them.

First stop is Bone March, and Lands of the Broken Bone. The area directly ruled by Spinecastle. First in original polished form.

and then in the more decrepit state you will find it in the hands of most of those using it.

Next in line from the Bone March are the Ripper Hills Hobgoblins. 

and the Gashclaw Gnolls:

and maybe the worst in Bone March, the Evil Eye Orcs:

and finally the Vile Rune Orcs also from the Bone March:

Horned Lands

Here are a few from the sands once ruled by the Horned Society and now (mostly) under Iuz. But there are still those who resist him and Dahlvier is one of them, he is as mean and tough as the Old One they say and his heraldry goes back a long time and is a dire waning to those who dare intrude...

With the Dahlvier shield I wanted to reach back and tie into old flan tradition of symbols. Very different from the Aerdy designs, simpler and more occult. My inspiration is Celtic, Nordic and European bronze age. 

Next are the Tribal Lands of the Hoch Jebline in the Northern Horned Lands. Nominally under Iuz rule but in reality a mostly self, or non governed area full of various Goblinoids who are fans of Maglubiyet. The design is inspired by the Illustration in Dragon #372 p33. 

Next is Kazgund, a city run by Orc's in my campaign. They want to convey a bit more civilized flair and show of their building prowess.

Last in this small collection are the city of Izlen. Originally (in my campaign at least) it got started as a outpost of the Great Kingdom on the north western shores of the Whyestil Lake. It was probably intended to be the base for further expansion, but then Ferron broke off and Izlen's future became very different. The original heraldry shows the fledgling city as a bastion of the Aerdy. 

if you can find any of those old shields in the late 500's they will look something like this:

Nowadays the Old Empire have adopted a more, for their emperor, suitable shield that still keeps the same old elements:

You can get all of these in a zip file (139MB) here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q34zmb6i1dhqf3p/Heraldry%207.zip?dl=0

You can see a old version of my campaign map here: https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/5f9d1e423c2d442fa71ed45397420b63

I haven't updated it properly, that is something for later this year. The places referred to here are on the map.

That was it for this time, more is coming. Now back to my 598CY map again.

Mapping Live Stream Tomorrow July 8th


I'll be streaming a work session on my Twitch channel tomorrow at 5PM PDT/8PM EDT.  https://www.twitch.tv/anna_b_meyer

The plan Photoshop and Illustrator work for the most part both artistic and tedious work. Stop by and questions and keep me company!

Heraldry Update: The Final Batch and more


Her comes the last of the updated old heraldry and some new ones as well. Notable among the new ones are Kargoth, the death knight, based on the illustration in Dragon Magazine #290.  

Next of the new ones are Duke Szeffrin, which is my design I created for my Rel Deven campaign.

Next is a shield I've looked at many times without seeing, on the cover of TSR 9577 - Adventure Begins. One of the humanoids hold a shield that I have assigned to one of the fiercest orc tribes in the Flanaess, the Urzun. 

And her are another piece of heraldry also from a very iconic module, and overlooked until now. Larry Elmore illustrated the Inn of the Welcome Welch in Hommlet, and on the wall there is a shield hanging. It is only in black and white so a bit of imagination have to be added. I decided to label it Nulb until we can figure out more. 

The shield above is an old and decrepit shield that probably was recovered after the Battle of Emridy Meadows and was already old at the battle. Below is a version of what it looked like in better condition.

Mike Bridges did the design of the Sybarate shields with a 576CY,

and a 598CY version.

You can download a zip file with all 38 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfvt5wyz8l05vpa/Heraldry%206.zip?dl=0

Mapping Live Stream!


Tomorrow at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT I'll be on Twitch again for some more mapping. I'm sure exactly what I'll work on but it will be Greyhawk related for sure!


Flanaess & Hepmonaland 576CY Atlas - 2022 Edition is here!


I took a while longer, as this things have a tendency to take, but here it is!

First a HUGE thank you to Duane Costa for the stellar work on the index!

98 maps plus cover, index, legend etc. Available in JPG and 2 PDF versions. PDF comes in both full quality for best printability and compressed for digital use. There are also single page and all in one pdf variants.

Get the JPG version (638MB) here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ralunpvt5sh1tt0/Flanaess%26Hepmonaland%20576CY%20Atlas%202022-JPG.zip?dl=0

PDF Single pages (823MB):

PDF in one file (816MB): https://www.dropbox.com/s/k0ni9ufkvr7c8zw/Atlas%202022%2011x17%20-%20Complete.pdf?dl=0

PDF Compressed in one file (366MB):

Index XLSX file:

Fantasy Mapping Show: Mapping Greyhawk tonight!

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Mapping Shield Lands Part 12: Map Design 2D

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Heraldry Download Page

I've added a heraldry page that you can find in the menu top right. Right now you can find a zip file with the all the heraldry from my Greyhawk maps (plus a few extra) in png format.

MeyerHawk: The Story of Iggwilv and Truenames

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