Kingdom of Lothmar

A new Fantasy Campaign setting published by Griffon Lore Game, with my maps in it, kickstarting now! It is a is a medieval-fantasy setting full of feudal intrigue, and it will come with a bunch of cool maps that I've been working on for quite a while! You should definitely take a look at it […]

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Flanaess 576 CY - 2020 Edition

It has been a long time in the making and so many of you have kept asking me for it, and rightly so since it is the essential Greyhawk - 576 CY when it all began! My plan was for this project to be a few weeks to manybe a months or two. It took […]

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New Legends

Toe make it easier to use my Flanaess map you need to have a legend handy. The last ones are from five years ago so an update os long overdue, and here are new versions, with both a full legend and a more condensed mini version. Here is a extra high resolution version for those […]

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New Year - New Horizons

Another year is coming to an end and it is the usual time to reflect and try to look forward. 2019 have been a very busy year for me and in many ways the first year that have been continuously busy with both commissions and Greyhawk related work taking a firm place alongside my commissioned […]

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Flanaess 576 CY map is under way

A new 576 CY update was just sent out to my Patreon members. Here is a sneak peak at the Sea Princes in its glory days.I must emphasise that this is very much a work in progress, and it will need more sharp eyes to check things out before it is ready. But I'm working […]

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Flanaess River Map Preview

A more detailed look at the waterways of the Flaness have been on my to do list for a very long time. When I did the terrain overhaul last year I had a river map in the sights, so I took the time and re-traced all the waterways and placed them on a separate layer […]

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New and updated heraldry!

My latest Greyhawk map updates include a lots of new and updated heraldry, and now I have added them to the heraldry folder. You can find it here: . 285 shields all in all and 18 new ones plus another 10 or so being touched up to look a bit better. The majority of […]

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Flanaess 598 CY - 2019 REV1 - Handout Map 1

Here comes the first Handout Map with the latest map edition including the revised Saltmarsh. I tweaked it a little bit more this time trying to make it be a good in game prop. You can get it here: There are also two terrain only maps (hexed and no hexes) to go along with this […]

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Flanaess 598 CY - 2019 Revision 1

Here comes the full "Saltmarsh Edition" with a bit more additions and changes. List of changes below: Added Black Tower to Theocracy of the Pale Revised the Saltmarsh area to better match the Ghosts of Saltmarsh Corrected spelling of Prophet of the Hool Added Wild Coast settlement Heraldry, from the GH 1983 Boxed Set Cover […]

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