What lies ahead....


Hello Everyone, thank you so much for wanting to join. Thanks to You we are off to a great start!

This first post I will detail my plans for getting things started and the first steps forward.

The first project is in the early planning stage (read: in my mind) at the moment, and will be fleshed out in the coming couple of weeks. Working title will be "Crater" and I plan to have it done in November.

I want this project to set the standards for detail levels, presentation and deliver a full range of content. Everything from a highly detailed top down view, isometric 3D, cut out to show special locations.

During the time I'm working on this I plan to release a general update to all backers every two weeks with an overview of progress and where things are headed.

Higher level backers will receive more frequent updates and I will ask for your help in deciding how things should look. This projects decisions will focus on detail levels, size and resolutions, types of views.

For you Trailblazers, I will make frequent postings on technical stuff as well. So expect to post my deliberations about splicing, resolution, devices and texturing.

One of the main goal for this project is to "set the scope right", meaning properly map a piece if deliberately challenging terrain.

Choosing Crater as a first projects is so I can concentrate on the geological and put things like vegetation and rivers on hold. This time its about the terrain itself and how to best present it. Hopefully it will result in a map that can be as useful in a sci-fi as in a fantasy setting.

When we have this done right it is time to introduce lakes and rivers, forest and a whole bunch of other mapping challenges.  

Lendore Isle is still scheduled to be the first Creative Commons project, but both Le Lakofka and myself have been summoned to a project yet to be properly announced. So I no firm start date for Lendore Isle yet.

A couple of projects to work out the kinks before tackling a complete  location with everything is something I hope you can agree with me is workable way of start off.

Thank you again for joining!