Project Sketches


Time for a first look at the Project 1: Crater

It will be a crater circa 10 km across and around a kilometer deep. The sketch above shows it cut off, but the whole circle will be part of the area covered.    

The total area will be 50 km (ca 30 miles) across. The reason I'm using metric here is that the tools I'm using works best in metric.

Other prominent features in this project will be a canyon or chasm 20 or so km long and around 5 km deep. I want to test out a large vertical range,  on earth that is roughly 9 km, so a 10 km elevation range should be enough to give even a fantasy or sci-fi world enough to give the right awe factor.

On earth we have oceans that are twice that deep in addition to mountains, so this is something I will have to try and achieve as well. For this project no oceans (water or otherwise) are planned, since I want to introduce features gradually a few at the time. This project is mainly about setting scope, format and presentation.  But if my elevation range tests work out well, the elevation scope for this project might be bigger than 10 km.

Some additional features like lava tubes and numerous other ideas will be added as well, and presented here as I get to them. A technical in depth description for Cartographer Backers will be posted soon when I have got the actual work under way.

A first progress report will be posted for everyone in week or so when I have some first results to show.

Thank you again for your support, we are now on a journey to build our first world together!