First day on Patreon Project 1: Crater


25 Backers already, I'm honored by your support, but lest get to work!

I'm setting up shop today, creating the files, getting settings right and the very basics in place in order to create a piece of harsh terrain that could be evil badlands, a desert or another planet.

No water or vegetation in this project. Just the basics to get the grip on the basics, and then introduce more complications one at a time.

Software used in this project will be World Machine, GeoGlyph 2, Photoshop CC, Vue and 3D Map Generator for Photoshop.

The 3D Map Generator is a novelty for me but seems it could be a great fit so I'll try and learn to used it as part of this project. Despite its name I'm not going to used it to generate 3D data, but it seems like a great way to present it in Photoshop, so I'll try and use it and we will so how it turns out.

The time frame for this project is 4-6 weeks with weekly summaries available for everyone and a more in depth post for all backers.

Trailblazers and Cartographers will receive postings several times a week with more details.

Cartographer Backers will get files, macros and setting information so you can develop your own project along side mine. Most of the Software I'm using for this project have free or non-expensive versions that you can use to learn and even create with.

This project will focus on how to use these tools to create terrain and maps. If you want to get ahead and get up to skills on these tools I suggest you head to and take a look at the beginners video tutorials, which are free.

If you just want to see some results, please just hang in there and it will stat coming in a couple of weeks.

If you want to get hold of me, don't hesitate to send me a private message through Patreon or email:!