Building a World: Terrain


Last week was the setup, now its time for step two: building the terrain. In this project that is rather strait forward. A large crater, a huge deep canyon and the necessary surroundings.

A piece of harsh terrain 30 miles across, that looks even more barren without proper colors and textures. What you see here is one of the elevation color sets I use during my terrain development.

For this terrain I'm using five different terrain types plus randomly scattered small craters and one type manually applied extra erosion. 

Future projects might be suing many times that, my Midgard project uses 12 plus 10 special added features.

There are a few more special features I want to add to this terrain, but I will wait with them until later.

The next step is to take this elevation model and give it the proper look using colors and textures.

More on that soon!