How to Build a World: Terrain Building in World Machine


The World Machine file have gotten bit more complicated. We now have 7 Layout Generators and 7 child groups in the Terrain Group.   

You can download the file here:

This file requires the use of World Machine Developer Build 3016. If you're a licensed WM user you can download it here:

The small craters dotting the landscape are using the Localspace feature.

I have masked the Localspace Scatter Device using a Layout Controller as sen in the image above. Layout Generators often have a tendency to have sharp edges even when you use a falloff, so I'm using a Blur Device to smooth the edges.

There are some texture devices and an Overlay Device in the Craters Child Group. I grabbed this whole group from one of the examples files and it came with the texturing devices. They will be good to have in the next stage so I kept them, but they are not needed to create the terrain.

The other terrain type child groups are basic and straight forward. The bottom one that I forgot to name is just added erosion. This terrain is supposed to be a very harsh rough landscape, but still want added erosion in certain places, this setup will do that.

The big crater is done using two Layout Generators and a set of shapes.

Try and use a combination of shapes with different Height, Falloff and Falloff Profile Curve settings to create a natural range and diversity in the landscape. Combine several terrain types and vary the erosion.