Patreon Goals


Due to the success of my Patreon, and especially the number of patrons who have  pledged to the Trailblazer and Cartography Levels. I now have both a platform and an obligation to undertake projects that satisfies as many backers as possible.

My impression is that there are two main reasons to back my Patreon. One is to urge me to create more of what I've been doing for years, Greyhawk Maps and in some cases Midgard maps. The other reason is more technical, to learn how to do what I do.

One of the most important goals for me is to try and make these to interests work in tandem and support each other, and not compete for time and resources.

The way I will try and make this work is to have each project have a technical goal with examples, and a practical implementation released as Creative Common content set in Greyhawk.

For example, the technical goal is to map fjords. The project will produce a map of fjords that has as many features that can be needed to produce a 3D model of a fjord landscape. This part of the project will be set in an "artificial world" that focus on solving technical challenges and interesting results.

The other part of the same project is to implement the technique in an appropriate area of the Flanaess (or other area of interest). For a fjordlands project the Vatun's Teeth area of the Kingdom of Schnai would be a great place. So a detailed map of the Schnal Fjord leading to the city of Soull would be the result.

One of the technical hurdles to overcome is to make sure the pieces fit together, so what is created in one project will match content made later. I think I now ho to do this properly, but it needs to be tested before we set out to map the Flanaess in 10 ft/px scale. A few projects that are separate from mainland Flanaess are needed to work out the kinks.

The first one will be Islands, where the technical part of the project is being decided by the Trailblazer and cartography backers right now. The Creative Commons part was voted on in the Flanaess Geographical Society Facebook group, and the winner was Lendore Isle so it will go first.

Next project will be multi project with the scope of a really large island or subcontinent, divided into parts and then merged. This will keep me busy the upcoming spring, and if the results are good enough its time to hit the mainland.

My working name for the "artificial world" that will be created to facilitate the technical examples is Ego. It will be a super detailed place with everything in it, but no names and stories attached. Eventually Ego maps will be available to purchase in various formats for non backers in Content  Markets.

My Patreon Projects will start out with modest ambitions, but as technical hurdles are overcome and if I get more backers I will be able to tackle bigger and bigger pieces. One of my goals is to get enough support to be able to hire help, then we can do some big land grabs!   

I think this approach can work and improve both the results and what can be mapped, and I hope you agree with me!