A learning experience!


Working on the last touches of my first Patreon Project, and realizes that this is a learning experience for me as much as for you.  Both how Patreon works and all your expectations and also from a technical perspective.

To document and try and explain what and how you're doing things, forces you to think again several times for each step. This have made me realize that I can improve, which I want to do as much as possible.

To match the technical with an implementation in the form of a Creative Commons part (read Greyhawk) is vital I think, both for me to focus my creativity better, and for most of you to get more out of this.

The other part is to evolve technically, which is happening much faster with the more bite sized projects here, more than in the often year long undertakings for my commissioned work. I've already listed a number of things to change for the next project, that I will elaborate on in detail when the Crater Project is done.

There will be a first poll in a couple of days, where you can decide the final looks of the Crater.

Thanks again for your interest, much appreciated!