How to Build a World: Bring the pieces together


Time for the last World Machine post for this project, bringing the horizontal slices together again after detailing and using the final texture.

Fairly straight forward with a File Input Device for each of the three ALT slices and one for the combined texture. 

The final texture is  combination of the three separate textures into one is done in Photoshop (or some form of image editor). My next post (or posts) will go into detail about that process and texture editing.

To seamlessly combine the ALT slices I'm using Combiners set to Max, and using a Blur Filter to soften the edges a bit.

Just like before remember to set the extents to 50 km and the Terrain altitudes to 0 - 10,000 m to avoid distortions. Then you can render the full terrain at your desired resolution, but remember what your input resolution is. No need to render the final combined terrain in a higher resolution than the data of the parts.

You can download my WM file here:

Next post: Texture editing, will come soon!