Project Islands - Back at work again!


After an almost two week visit to Midgard I'm now back on the Island Project again. Major terrain building is done, what is left are a few small islands here and there to complete this area and make it more interesting.

Work on rivers and lakes are underway as well. Tried out a few different way of going about creating the water systems. In World Machine, and every other tool I have tested so far, rivers and wetlands are a major weak spot. A new generation tools and upgrades to World Machine will hopefully include proper ways of creating rivers, but for now it is a bit of a hack.

My results are what I would call acceptable, and with texturing and some post render touch up in Photoshop the results might even be good. I'll post some videos explaining the technical side of this for the Cartographer Backers soon.

Terrain with lakes and rivers I hope to have ready by the end of next week. Then it is time for vegetation which will take another week or so. Settlements and roads might be time to tackle around Christmas, and with some luck this project might be done early January. That is the plan.