Project: Islands - Lakes and Rivers


The waterways of our Islands are being created and I'm very pleased with the results.

I'm using a combination of Lakes, artistic rivers created using a Layout Generator and small waterways created by algorithm. This way I'm able to combine my desire to place things where I want them and have tons of details filled in automatically.

There are still a few minor tweaks still needed, but it works and we are on schedule to have this done by the end of the week.

The river algorithms can be set per Biome, so for this seasonal project they will be numerous and plentiful, but for dryer Biomes much less of them. They can also be presented but textured differently, to create dried out riverbeds for example.

A big part of getting this right is to be able to structure the process right. What do I need to create. How to best do it, auto-generate or artistic. In what order, what are needed in order to create a certain type of data.

This job is one bit programming and data management and one part artistic. Sometimes you paint using Photoshop brushes, sometimes it is by molding algorithms, and in the end is how well you manage it all.  

I just created a video describing this in detail that will be posted here for Trailblazer and Cartographer backers.

Patreon also cancelled their announced fee changes, keeping things the way they are. This is a wise move in my opinion, and hopefully Patron will follow their own advice and change things only after listening to their users both backers and creators.