Project Islands - Elevation, Lakes and Rivers


Here are the Islands and its waterways. The area is 100km (60 miles) and consist one major island, five minor islands and a number of tiny islands. The yellow along the coast are my enhanced coloring to better see the beaches gearing up for texturing.

Natural variation is important both the look of the terrain and its believably, but also to make the area interesting as a setting for your adventures. Here is a perspective that shows a little of the variation.   

Coastlines goes from extensive beaches to sharp cliffs, river deltas and archipelagos of small reefs. Terrains goes from plains to craggy highlands reaching up to over a 1000ft. Lakes, marshlands and rivers dots the landscape of these seasonal islands.

Next is to set up forestation, which will be the my focus for the next couple of days. Then it is time for texturing, which will make this bland looking thing start to come to life!