Old Turfs - 20 year revival.


Those of you who read my thank you post, noticed that I stated that next fall my goal is to take a year off to do what I like the most mapping my campaign. Yes I want to lay all other mapping aside for a year to get back into the Greyhawk groove again!

Why wait until next fall and what am I going to work on?

The delayed start no later than August comes primarily that I have commissioned work scheduled in parallel to Patreon pretty much until then, and the 20 year mark is October 2018. So those two reasons make fall a good time to start. A third reason is that I want to have some of the new tools up and running by then as well.

What I'm going to work on is pretty much up to you guys! With a full year of full time work means we can do quite a lot. There are several things to consider. Large of small projects, research and technical limitations are the first ones in my mind. 

Project ideas I'm thinking of are: Iconic locations, historic, trade, climate ocean currents, new lands are obvious candidates to me. There are also some stuff I'm thinking of that are not really maps but something I always wanted to do, things like scripts and symbols of the Flanaess, more heraldry, architectural styles. 

Some are better candidates than others, i'm just listing things that I always wanted to do. An obvious category I didn't mention is city maps, for that one there are some super cool tools that I would love to make use of. They are expensive and requires some learning so might not be withing my budged (both time and money wise) for next year. So a Greyhawk City project I would like to hold off a year or two on 😉

Research will be a vital part of this project so any and all help will be very much appreciated.  We need to set up some better way to collaborate next year. Discord, Google Hangouts or something, whatever might work best. 

This might be what is needed to bring this Patreon up to full speed and make real progress and bring in more people!

Thank you again for supporting me, I'm really looking forward to next year 🙂