Island troubles


Don't let the absence of posts here lull you into a sense that I'm slacking off. Its been busy times here with three different projects going in parallel, two commissions and the Island project. 

Our islands have had a difficult time to come out of what can best be described as render mayhem. The size, complexity and my determination to get the details out, seems to hit both hardware software and every other limitation my poor computers can conjure. So now I have a fairly good idea of the limits of current technology. 

After a week of trials and errors the results are very much to my liking and well worth the day or so of rendering it took me once I figured out how to do the setup.  

Left to do on the islands are settlements and roads, which will be determined in a poll coming up shortly. Then a little bit of world Machine work and export of all the data, final Photoshop touch up and Vue renders. 

My plan is still to have this project ready by the end of the month, so you can get to used it in your adventures soon. If all the troubles getting this project done is any indications, there will be plenty of great stories to be played out here!

Thank you all for joining me in this quest, and welcome to the new ones to arrive!