Project Islands - Poll Results


The first poll is done and the results are in, thank you all for voting!

What places will make it onto the islands?

Hidden coves, with and without pirate hideouts seem to be of top interest, and from an adventure perspective it makes perfect sense 🙂

1. Hidden cove of pirates, 9 votes

2. Secret Cove, 8 votes

The coves are followed by a two of inland features:

3A. River Crossing with the Inn of lost Tales, 7 votes

3B. Fortress Refuge, 7 votes

The only "large" settlement that made it onto the list:

4. Small town of traders and boat builders, 6 votes

Two more inland features that I like from a cartography perspective, the lake shore look like its made to have a road.

5A. Lakeside Village, 4 votes

5B. River Crossing, 4 votes

These are my little darlings so I'm so pleased they made the list, and a place is not complete without a Druid Grove. The Hermit Monastery by Nerd Podcast Radio is my favorite by far and it made the list, I'm so happy for that.

6A. Plunge Cliff, 3 votes

6B. Druid Grove, 3 votes

6C. Hermit Monastery Brewery, for selected connoisseurs every century, 3

Here is the description by Nerd Podcast Radio:
"A commune of tengu monks that worships an obscure god of distillation. They make the best Scotch in the world and only release a bottle to petitioners who pass a series of impossible tests. Only one bottle is released every 100 years" 

The brewery is a must!