Back from a secret mission to Midgard


I've spent the past two weeks working on a special Midgard project, which meant using both my computers I use for work. This meant the Island Project had to be put aside, for which I'm truly sorry. Work on the island Project is again full time and will so be until its release in the coming two weeks are complete.

My work on Midgard have now superseded everything else I've done to date, both in scope and level of detail. This is a full 3D terrain larger than Europe and Africa combined, with a matching texture map that is the same as the one used for the top own map.

This is the first test of truly continental scale work, and a great preparation for projects to come!

You can find out more about Midgard here:

and Kobold Press  also runs a Patreon so support their Midgard work: