Back to the Islands!


Working on the Island project full time again, and released the a new video today for the Cartography Backers - World Machine Texturing Basics.

A series of videos are in the making mostly for Cartography Backers covering technical stuff. Upcoming videos are, WM Advanced Texturing, WM Export, Import data from WM into Photoshop. Project setup in Photoshop, Editing Techniques in Photoshop.

I will also make videos presenting the project in less technical manner for all backers as well. A few previews into the next project will come for Trailblazer and Cartography Backers will come soon as well.

The final Island Project World Machine file will be available for Cartography Backers very soon, as well as all the export data. So make sure to make room on your hard drives, it will be needed!

Again thank you all for your support 🙂