Project Island - 1st Full Feature Test Render


Project Island are after much hard work finally progressing into the final stages of editing. In order to check that what I'm doing will actually be usable in 3D I had to take a small sample and render it.

Far from perfect it is still more than OK in my opinion. The textures are a bit flat and too murky and the 3D and texture data mismatch by a pixel in a few places, but that is can be fixed.

There are a number of little details on this sample alone, take a closer look and see what you can find!

Also working on videos, and I just wished I had ten times more talent at presenting what I do in videos. It is a struggle to make sense, but I'm  working on it. Deadline is end of the month and its going to be ready!

Thank you so much for your support and patients with the time this takes.