Project Islands - Final maps roll out!


Its been a long hard struggle to get here but final maps are getting ready. First out will be top down views of the minor islands, with the first one coming later today. The other ones will come in the next two to three days, and the main Island by the end of the week.

This gives a hint at what the final maps will looks like. I'm pretty shure this will be the most detailed fantasy terrain ever created for use in RPG's.

Working on the last details of the island in Area1, the town and its surroundings.

Isometric, detailed 3D views and special maps will come next week. 

The last bits to be added to this projects are a set of landscape images and the how-to videos. The reason for this is two fold, the main reason is that this is the first time I've done a project this complicated with a fully 3D terrain covering an area of this size with forest roads and buildings represented. I wanted to find out what actually worked before trying to convey that knowledge to you guys.

I have learned some hard lessons about limitations, but technical and personal during the roughly 8 weeks of arduous but very interesting work. Me being more than a bit frustrated with progress, quality and deadlines I've set for this progress, have made me more than usually unfit to record How-To videos. It is much easier when you have understood what you need to do.

Now back to Photoshop for a few hours of details....