Project Islands - Final Complete Top Down Map


Here is the complete map of the Islands in top down form.

The full resolution is 30,000 pixels (213 MB) and you can grab it here:

a 7000 pixel (10 MB) version here:

and a low resolution version with 2500 pixels (1.5 MB) here:

Full resolution area maps will be available for all Patreons tomorrow.

Layered versions will be available for Adventurer Patreons and higher tomorrow.

My work will now focus on the Isometric Maps that I hope to have ready next week.

Thank you all for your support in making this project possible, it is been my most advanced map ever crated and it have forced me to rethink a lot of how to go about doing things like this. Once the Isometric maps of the Islands are done, my focus will be to sum up what worked, what didn't work and present that for all the Cartography Backers.