A small kickoff...


Thank you everyone for the continued and even increased support!

To get things going I want to hand over something a little special. PDF and JPG copies of the maps I gave prints of to WotC during the DragoTalk interview.
These maps are parts from my personal Campaign map that has lots of extra stuff on it. Some parts especially like Ahlissa are full of additional stuff.
As a regular feature for those who pledge on the Adventure Level or above will be personal campaign maps. Next moth will be the start of that with PDF and JPG copies of my whole campaign map that have a couple hundred extra settlements more heraldry I have developed for my campaign. 

You can download the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ni22gihautg1zk9/AACF08PMSfI7QLB-Ur6y3J7Ma?dl=0