Weekly Tidbits


One of my goals is to post something useful at least once a week. First out is a piece of heraldry of my own design, but I'm grounding it in firm Greyhawk lore.

The shield of the Naelax Overkings of the old Great Kingdom. My design is based on the cover image of WGR7 Ivid the Undying. The module was never officially released, but became available later as a free download on the then young internet.

I have created it using Adobe Illustrator, and the image is available in three different formats:

JPG as seen above with drop shadow and text.

PNG shield only with no drop shadow, and transparent background

SVG vector format, but otherwise the same as the PNG

This is part of my effort to expand the heraldry for my Greyhawk campaign. Also a good way to improve my Illustrator skills, since heraldry can be quite intricate. But I try to keep the symbols simple so they can be used in my cartography and work well in different sizes, therefore I need to make them using vector graphics.