What is happening.....


Took a day off today to work on Greyhawk again, and on today's agenda: Water from the oceans to marshlands. More natural colors, better shore detail and clean up a lot of artifacts. 

Here is a screenshot with the water layers enabled. It is only partly done, but one of the goals is to make Muddich really muddy!

There are still several days of work to do on this map update but things are starting to fall in place, with a lot of of the ground (or in this case bottom) work done.  In order to make the oceans look less crazy blue and more like realistic water I created a simplified muddy bottom.  With some blending and masking it will be a huge improvement.

Overall colors and saturation will be adjusted as well, and various areas will get individual treatment to make them more natural. Here is an example with a bit of the Tilvanot Peninsula and the northern tip of Hepmonaland.  

So far its been mostly large area work, the fine details will come in the next step. When this is done later this summer I think it will be a decent face lift for a map that starting to look like something from old times.

I've also just got my new microphone so new videos will come soon.

Thank you all for supporting me in doing this all 94 of you!! 🙂