30 Mile Hex Test, and custom maps


The original Greyhawk map had 30 mile hexes and my Flanaess map comes with an optional 12 mile hex grid. I went with 12 mile hexes for two reasons, the first one is selfish I¨'m using Pathfinder rules for my own campaign and PFRPG use 12-mile hexes as standard for overland travel.

The other reason is that my Bryce terrain doesn't match Darlene's well enough to use the same grid as on the original map, so I was lazy and didn't add a 30 mile hex grid.

But thanks to Michael Heckman's question about 30 mile hexes I though the time was right to test it out. So here is a map of Sunndi and its surroundings with a 30 mile hex grid.

To keep in mind: These Hexes have been calculated using the 12 mile hexes I added for my campaign map, so they don't match the ones on the original map either in placement, and might also be different in size. I'm adding this paragraph to tell you that I'm aware of the fact that I'm aware of this 🙂

Custom Maps for Patrons

I've offered the service of making adjustments or various forms of custom versions of my Flanaess Map as a commission for those who have asked me. The cost for this is a rate of $10/hour of work involved, estimated before.

As a special service to Patrons I will do certain projects like this for free, when I have time over and the project fits in between other things I'm working on.

I will prioritize what and when to take on a Custom Map request based on the following criteria:

- Research done and noted

- Broad interest to Greyhawk fans

- Technically or stylistically interesting

- Patreon contributions

- Manageable Size

For example, this could mean that project to try and create spread map showing dragon territories mentioned in canon sources, by one of you guys, would be given top priority if you had done the research and had a sketch to give me.

Research is the main problem in most projects, of all types. This is very understandable, it takes time lots of time, and most of us wish we had more of it 🙂

If you have an idea for a project, you can post it on the community page of this Patreon or send me a Patreon message or email me at anna@ghmaps.net.

I'll look into it and it might be a perfect thing to dig into when I'm rendering or need something else for a bit.

I can't guarantee that I can make it happen, but so far I've been able to do several patron requests.