Flanaess 2018 - first sneak peak!


I'm roughly half way done with the terrain part of the 2018 update so I decided it is time to create a few of sneak peaks that I will use as promo teasers for my Patreon.

My goal with the terrain update is to adjust the garish old colors from back in the 90's when I only had a low resolution VGA monitor with no calibration, and my lack of experience didn't help either!

Hopefully a couple of decades of technical progress and me learning a things or two will make a difference, and I'm really pleased with the new look. 

I will use these to spread the word while I'm working on the rest. Waters from oceans, coast lines and beaches to rivers and marshlands are my focus for the next round. I hope to have the terrain part done in September and then move on to update text and symbols after that.

I will need your help in deciding some new graphic styles for some the text and symbols. They will be presented as polls during the summer.

Thank you again for your support! 🙂