July Update



Its time for a short recap and update. Its been a month since the refocus of my Patreon, and thanks you your support there are now more of you supporting me and I receive more comments and emails that before, way more. Thank you all for your continued support, and to all of you new patrons welcome aboard this journey in mapping a fantasy world!

The past months have been mostly about getting my Greyhawk mapping project up to speed again. Its been in a semi dormant state while I worked almost exclusively on other things  for the past couple of years, with plenty of things left hanging. A 2017 Edition of my Flanaess map has been made into, PDF, JPG and Online format. The goal with the 2017 Edition was to publish a number of small corrections that I've done the past two years. The 2018 Edition is way more ambitious laying the ground work for future updates. 

June was mostly devoted to housekeeping, getting old stuff done, this month will be mostly about ground work for the future. 

I will mainly work on two different things. Wrapping up my World Machine series of videos with new videos that are in the making. The video's will be available for Cartography Patrons during the course of the month. 

We need a style template for the 2018 Edition, some of the existing text and symbols doesn't look that great to be honest. With the updated terrain adjustments will be needed, but have to be made with an eye on what is practical. This is work that has to live for only a few years, gradually being replaced with a new content during the next five or so years. Just like with the terrain update one of the main goals is to make it a bit more compatible with future content. So expect me to post ideas here for you guys to comment on, I need your critical eyes to improve things!

There are some more heraldry and other tidbits to do as well, keeping me busy until I go to Gen Con by the end of this month. Those of you who attend Gen con, I would love to meet up and say thank you for helping me do this. Most of my time at the con I will spent at the Lone Wolf Development booth 343 in the Exhibit Hall. 

August will be shifting perspectives going super large with a first session of Oerth Mapping and getting a first area ready for the 2018 Edition roll out. I have some extra secret projects that I will tell you about when I know enough to get them under way. Thank you again for supporting me!