Flanaess Spread Map Kit!


125 patrons and halfway to the next goal wonderful, thank you so much to all of you!!

Here comes something that have been on my to do list for a long time, a proper Spread Map Kit. This is a layered PSD file with masks and color layers that you can use to create all sorts of spread maps for things like political, trade, religion or historical maps.

The file comes in two sizes 8300 pixels for a bit more detail and a smaller one at 300 pixels to be usable with tools with Realm Works. It is fully layered which means you can show or hide all the text and symbols, and it comes with a parchment layer and a number of color layers and a set of masks for coastlines. 

One thing to keep in mind - these are low resolution bitmap versions of the Flanaess Map. That means that small text will NOT be legible, and that comes with making a small bitmap version that makes it easy to paint in colors. I just needed to state that here as a clarification.

Text and symbols are layer separated so you can turn each category on or off as needed. Layers are are stacked and blended ready to function with a number of different styles of maps. 

If you need more color layers just create more in the Spread Color group. The Spread Color Group also has its own mask that is set to cover land areas, but by inverting this mask you can cover oceans and lakes. If you want to have a set of spreads for land and another for water areas (or something else) copy the group and give it an appropriate mask.

The PSD file works in GIMP, and in other image editors able to use PSD (Photoshop) files. 

You can also apply layer effects to tweak things to your liking. For example: making the white roads visible on the white spread map background by giving them a purple Color Overlay.

Or you can reduce the saturation of the terrain map to make the spread colors pop a bit more.


All in all I think every Game Master will need some spread maps sooner for his or her campaign and with a setup like this its not that much work to create something that will look stunning, and all you need are some very basic skills in Photoshop, GIMP or your image editor of choice. Always remember to not save over the original when you make a new new version.

This is also the debut for the 2018 Edition Terrain. There is still a lot of details that needs work, but for this low resolution (and crappy low resolution) need it is already good enough.

You can grab the 8300 pixel version here:


and the 3000 pixel version here: