September Update


First thank you so much for all your support, more than halfway to the next goal of 250 patrons! This is more than I have earned this month with very little to show for it as you are all well aware of. The reason for this is that I have two major project that are now in the home stretch to be delivered in September, one for Kobold Press upcoming Kickstarter (I think) and another still to be unnamed project.

The secrecy surrounding most commissions are both cool and a nuisance at the same time. It is cool to be in the loop of future projects, but the downside is that you only get to know parts of it and you can't show the world what you're up to. So for a month now I've been working really hard in stealth mode, logging more hours in Photoshop than ever before. This is great for my next video series about mapping using Photoshop, picked up new ways of doing things faster and better.

My plans for Greyhawk this months will be limited to nailing down the new style for the Flanaess 2018 Edition, a first look at how to tackle projections and a look at what is happening in the field of mapping related technology. Those of you who made your Linguistic or Perception Roll have noticed that something interesting is hidden in the title, and no its not golden. That is just me going a bit overboard reusing some layer styles I have just developed for another project. What I'm hinting at is something Darlene and me will show more of soon!

Next month I plan to work a majority of time on Greyhawk both directly for you guys, but also on a number of other Greyhawk related things. My website and Facebook Pages have long been neglected, so I plan to blog, and do updates. The Greyhawk Channel on Twitch will have a new show starting in October, it is Mike "Mortellan" Bridges and me who will host a weekly show about Greyhawk. The Greyhawk Channel on Twitch have a number of live game shows every week, all set in Greyhawk. Mortellan and me will try and be complement and instead of running games, take both a wide and deep look at the setting of Greyhawk. Covering topics like history, geography, nations and other realms, the underdark and more, with the goal of providing more in depth look than can be presented during live play. I have never done anything like this before, but with Mike's help at least I know we can talk forever about Greyhawk!

Patreon plans for October

A first batch of Flanaess 2018 Edition in your hands. Since we started in Ratik, the Thillonrian Peninsula including Ratik and Stonehold will be a good first area to aim for.

Polish up some of my old sketches. This time it might be time to look at a scary prison and see if we can revive the debate over which version of the City of Greyhawk is the best.

Start implementing my findings in the field of projections and global mapping on the Flanaess.

Thank you again for supporting me!