Old posts now accessible


Before I revamped my Patreon to be focused on my Greyhawk cartography it was focused on generic projects. I managed to run two of these projects, Craters and Islands that was set up to deal with how to tackle the technical difficulties of mapping a fantasy world in detail.

The Crater project was a test to work out how to take on the huge elevation spans needed in order to properly map a fantasy world. In this sense it was a huge success, even if the map itself is not among the more prettier or even useful ones I've done. 

The Island Project was my first attempt at trying to map an sizable area in minute detail and do so with photoreal quality. The resolution is 10 ft/pixel and the whole area are 32K which turned out to be almost too much for both my computers and my sanity ho handle. The render to over 4 days to do, and thanks to Edison for keeping the power flowing steady that whole time, the best technical achievement of mapping career was made.

Most of the posts from back then was locked up behind the much higher pledge levels I used then, so I decided its was time to go back and adjust them to the new regime.

You can get the final images here