Flanaess Full Map - 2018 Pre Release Version 3


Here is the next pre release version of the 2018 map. The big change to this version is the terrain, is almost ready for release. Added shallow water and touched up the coasts lines, and lots of other small corrections here and there. I will probably find a few more things to be corrected. But all in all the terrain bit is done, and after more than a hundred hours of work I'm starting to feel like it's up for the job of being the home of my campaign for a while longer. 

Content wise it is not much new yet, most of that work is still to be done. Here is the list of changes so far:

Added Tal Aska in the Vesve

Added Fairdells area  in Highfolk

Greyhawk Heraldry - removed a chain link

Settlements near Tringlee - Harrington, Glodnen, Dariax and Loradden

Brannigan's Farm - Highfolk

Island names near Dyvers

Village of Bracken

New Iuz Heraldry

New Heraldry for the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom

You can get the PDF file here:

The next update will be all about content, trying to through my list of some 140 items to be looked at.

Thank you again for making it possible for me to work on this!! 🙂